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A Comprehensive Lighting Solution - BMW Adventure

Enhancing visibility and safety on the road is crucial when riding a motorcycle. That's why outfitting your BMW motorcycle with Denali lights can be a game-changer. Denali Electronics, a market leader in the industry, offers a wide range of high-quality lighting solutions designed specifically for motorists worldwide. Bellow we will explore the various aspects of Denali lights, including their Features, CAN-BUS and Technology Integration, Certification, Mounting applications, Warranty, Illumination, and Price Per Lux. By highlighting these key points, we aim to show why Denali lights are the ideal choice for your BMW motorcycle. Denali has prioritized intelligence and flexibility in their Cansmart controllers, which directly connect to your bike's nervous system.

Denali's 2.0 lights come packed with a myriad of features that set them apart from the competition. They utilize Cree High-Intensity 10W LEDs and a TriOptic lens system, ensuring superior brightness and durability. These lights offer the flexibility to operate at full power in high beam mode and 50% power in dipped beam mode, catering to various riding conditions. Additionally, Denali 2.0 lights are waterproof (IP67) and designed to withstand extreme environments, making them reliable in all weather conditions. To provide seamless control, Denali offers the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller, allowing plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four channels. This innovative controller enables dozens of customizable settings that can be conveniently controlled directly from your BMW "WonderWheel" or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.

CAN-BUS & Technology Integration:
Denali lights seamlessly integrate with CAN-BUS accessory controllers for BMW motorcycles. This integration simplifies the installation of auxiliary front and rear lights, SoundBomb horns, and other accessories. The DataDim™ Controller enables the lights to switch between half and full intensity using the vehicle's original high beam switch, providing convenient control and enhanced visibility. DENALI utilizes their own unique DrySeal construction technique, ensuring water-tight connections. With moulded silicon gaskets and wires "potted" in the cavity, the lights remain protected, even when submerged in water or exposed to harsh conditions. The moulded Impact PC (polycarbonate) corrosion-proof bezels are designed to withstand impacts, knocks, dust, debris, and other challenges faced on the road, while maintaining their appearance.

Denali Electronics places a strong emphasis on safety and ensures that their products meet the necessary certification standards. Their LED lights are e-Marked, indicating compliance with European regulations for automotive lighting. This certification provides assurance that the lights meet strict quality and safety requirements, giving you peace of mind while riding. E-Mark Certification is a safety certification mark approved by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), complying with international vehicle type approval regulations issued by the United Nations. Denali goes the extra mile by providing regulated E-Mark Certified Lenses, making their lights street legal and eliminating the inconvenience of covering them up. Each light kit comes equipped with e-Mark certified lenses for street-legal use, and a second set of included lenses allowing you to choose the optimal option for preferred illumination distance and spread.

Mounting Applications:
Denali offers versatile mounting options for their lights, including engine guard mounts for 7/8" and 1" bars. This flexibility allows you to find the perfect position for your lights, optimizing visibility and aesthetics. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend mounting the lights below and to the left and right of your stock headlight, creating a triangle pattern that is easily recognizable for oncoming drivers. If possible, mounting the lights lower on your front wheel can further enhance their performance. Denali's fender mount kits can assist in achieving this setup.

Denali lights incorporate advanced LED technology, providing superior illumination on the road. The HiDrive™ Hi-Intensity LEDs offer increased light output without compromising power efficiency. With options for high/low sync, modulate lights, flash to pass, and inverse flashing with hazards, Denali lights enhance your visibility and allow you to effectively communicate with other motorists. The 2.0 lights feature the latest development from Cree: a new "Hi-Intensity" LED chip with a redesigned primary optic, maximizing light output through secondary optics. These "HI" series LEDs are more efficient, producing 20% more light output (lumens) without increasing power draw. For added versatility, Denali offers optional extra accessory lenses in amber color, which not only increase daytime visibility but also enhance fog-cutting performance.

The price of Denali lights may vary depending on the specific model and features you choose. However, considering the high-quality construction, advanced technology, and enhanced safety they provide, Denali lights offer excellent value for money. Investing in Denali lights is a long-term investment in your safety and peace of mind on the road. Denali believes in transparency regarding light performance and provides ISOLUX charts for all their lights, unlike many other lighting brands that make it challenging to find reliable light tests.

Denali stands behind the quality and reliability of their products by offering an 5 year warranty. While the warranty coverage may vary, they typically provide protection against defects in manufacturing. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the purchased item at their discretion. It's important to understand that the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear, abrasion, misuse, improper installation, accidents, alteration, disassembly of electronics, sun fade of finishes, or damage to original parts of the vehicle related to item failure, crashes, improper installation, or improper use.

Choosing Denali lights for your BMW motorcycle is a wise decision that significantly improves visibility and safety on the road. With a wide range of features, seamless integration with CAN-BUS technology, certification, versatile mounting options, warranty coverage, exceptional illumination, and reasonable pricing, Denali lights are the ideal choice for motorcyclists seeking reliable and high-performance lighting solutions. Don't compromise on your safety - equip your BMW motorcycle with Denali lights and experience the difference they make on the road.

Photo Credit @eric_morneau

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