First Impressions of the Trailmax Raid Tire

First Impressions of the Trailmax Raid Tire

Editor's note: Dunlop recently announced the new Trailmax Raid tire 40/60 Adventure tire. Our Good customer Ivo Jans puts on a ton of mileage every year on his 1250 GSA both on and off-road. His is the first customer bike that we have installed the tires on and we wanted to get his expert opinion. The following are Ivo's first impression and words. 

At first changing from the used (19500 km) Michelin Anakee Adventure to the Raid was giving a strange feeling at the handle bar, after 20 km this was already gone, the different profile and roundness of the tire needs only a short time to get used to.

Noise Level:

Noise level of this tire is remarkable good: noticeable noise doesn't start until around 110-120 km/h. Compared to Metzeler Karoo 3 or Continental TKC 70 are these noiseless!

Dry Road Performance:

The grip on dry road is as good as the Michelin, did not feel any differences. Drove from Pemberton to Lillooet and then Lytton at respectable speed, with in some corners an angle of 41 degrees, did not have any concerns on grip.

Stability on lateral grooves is much better than the Metzeler or Continental, bit more sensitive than the Michelin.

Gravel Road performance:

On gravel is the performance is better than the Michelin, as expected. I have no real experience with the options from Metzeler nor Continental on gravel.

Wet Road performance:

With the current BC weather… no experience in the rain yet…


First day I did about 300 kilometers, second day over 750, altogether have passed the 1200 km now, the only issue will be how long will they last and will the performance stay equal as the tire gets older.

More comments to follow.


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