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Dainese Wave D1 Air Back Protector

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Product Description

Dainese WAVE D1 AIR motorcycle back protector. Certified back protector (EN 1621.2/2014 level 2), light, ergonomic and ventilated, adjustable straps.


  • The capacity to disperse the energy from an impact is the main characteristic of a protector. The force absorbed is not transmitted to the body of the rider.
  • The level of ventilation of a back protector determines its comfort and, consequently, a rider's confidence, particularly on the hottest of days.
  • A lightweight protector can be more comfortably worn and over a longer period of time, without affecting your riding or movement in the saddle.
  • Fit and integration with the jacket or leathers are essential characteristics in order to allow as much freedom of movement as possible.
  • A large back protector coverage area means greater protection. It is essential to choose the right balance between coverage and freedom of movement.