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Ducati Shell Advance 15w-50 Factory Engine Oil - 1L

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Product Description

Shell Advance Ducati 15W50 with Shell Pure Plus Technology, is a 4 stroke Premium synthetic motorcycle engine oil made from a pure and clear base oil, combined with a motorcycle-specific additive pack that provides complete protection* to the engine.

Key performance benefits of Shell Advance Ducati 15W50:

  • Retains horsepower – no power loss at the end of 12,000km†**
  • Keeps pistons and engines clean – 49% cleaner engines than a leading competitor product for a smoother ride and more responsive engine***
  • Superior wear protection – 36% better wear protection against industry limits for longer life of all critical engine parts ***
  • High-temperature protection – 71% better protection against piston deposits even at high temperatures as compared to a leading competitor product***
  • Improves fuel economy – ride further per litre of fuel compared to a premium mineral oil****

*Complete Protection is defined as keeping pistons clean, protection against engine wear and protection at high temperatures

** Shell Advance Ducati does not degrade between oil changes, to impact the engine efficiency & hence power loss. Based on Shell Internal test data using 125cc motorcycles measured at first 1000 and 13000km mileage coverage, with extended oil change interval of 6000km.   

*** All claims are based on field trial results and/or lab-based data (controlled environment).

****Compared average results of Shell Advance  AX7 10W-40 to those of Shell Advance AX5 20W-40, using Shell Gasohol 91 unleaded gasoline, on 125cc motorcycles after engine break-in over 6000 km intervals , which gave better fuel economy results by 3Kmpl -Fuel consumption can be influenced by other factors including traffic conditions, bike type and riding behavior.