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Ducati Smart Jacket Women's Airbag Vest

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Maximum safety and great comfort thanks to the Ducati Smart Jacket fabric sleeveless vest with integrated airbag. A lightweight, ventilated garment that can be worn over or under technical motorcycle apparel, it’s also easily folded so it can be stored without taking up too much space. A higher level of safety is provided by the D-air standalone airbag system patented by Dainese, which, thanks to its microfilament structure, guarantees uniform controlled inflation: the airbag is activated in the event of a slip, fall, impact with an object or another vehicle, rear-end collision or impact with a stationary vehicle, it’s water-resistant and doesn’t require cables or connections to the motorcycle. If the airbag engages, the item can be restored by changing the inner bag at an authorized Ducati dealer. Externally, it’s protected by an outer mesh made of polyester which is abrasion- and traction-resistant, and its reflecting inserts improve visibility: the perfect ally for hopping on the bike and focusing on simply enjoying the trip in full Ducati style. It’s a state-of-the-art system equipped with a control unit with 7 sensors capable of monitoring and processing data 1,000 times a day. Moreover, it’s an extremely comfortable garment thanks to the stretch fabric on the sides and the adjustable width. Attention: to receive this item, you must have completed the training available on the Smarter Learning platform and passed the final test. Moreover, to facilitate shipping, we recommend ordering at least two items at a time (counting different sizes and replacement airbags). For overseas dealers, the minimum order quantity is three items at a time (counting different sizes and replacement airbags).


  • Abrasion-resistant, pull-resistant, anti-pilling polyester outer mesh
  • Stretch fabric on the sides


  • Fixed internal mesh in nylon


  • Adjustable width
  • Lightweight, ventilated, foldable, water resistant, can be worn over and under any jacket and with any outfit


  • 2 outer pockets
  • Reflex inserts
  • Dainese patented bag featuring microfilament structure that ensures even, controlled inflation, offering the same level of protection over the entire vest area